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#140, Kawdana Road, Dehiwela

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Wimbledon Park

WIMBLEDON PARK, at Kawdana Road, Dehiwela is another modern, innovative creation of BLISS INTERNATIONAL with the experience of managing over 250 residential and commercial properties, and with over 80 luxury condominiums constructed overseas, this BOI venture has teamed up with the construction Bliss Construction and the foremost in architectural designers, MihinduKeerthiratne Associates, in the designing, construction and the creation of the luxury complex of Wimbledon Park.


The apartments are innovatively designed to suit each individual taste and life style.

Spacious lounge area, one bedroom with air conditioning, 2 bedrooms with common bath/toilets, a large lobby area free of disturbance from other occupants, balcony for each room ensuring complete individual privacy, terrace, hot water systems for pantry and bathrooms are standard for each apartment.

All accessories used for fittings conform to international standards.

  • The complex consists of five stories, accommodating 10 spacious luxury apartments in all.
  • Mitsubishi brand passenger elevator.
  • A spacious terraced area for leisure.
  • 24 hours security surveillance
  • Fire / burglar alarm systems
  • Standby electricity generator
  • Garbage disposal unit
  • Car Park